Whether you are a private individual or a trader, it should be easy to send a package to both friends and business partners. Unfortunately, many Danes find it difficult to see through what opportunities they have. Here we will start from what you should be aware of as a private individual and trader respectively, and give a few tips on how to do it fastest, easiest and cheapest.

Send a package as a private person

As a private individual, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out how to send a package. It may seem a little strange, considering we’re good at receiving them. According to the Ministry of Transport,  only about 5% find it difficult to receive packages.

The reason why many individuals have problems sending parcels the other way is mostly due to the fact that we do it so rarely. Typically only a few times a year – if not less. Therefore, a lot can happen in the market, and it is impossible to keep up to date. Therefore, it is important that you always explore your options before you race off to the post office.

You can often save a lot of money by buying packaging elsewhere, and you can get rid of the queue by buying a parcel label online – and instead handing the package in a box or a Access Point. The easiest thing is to go online and compare the prices of your delivery. On such pages you will often be able to buy labels directly, where it is also not inconceivable that you can get a discount.

Send a package as a company

As a company, the guide becomes a little more interesting. Here you need to take more account of the recipient and what your particular recipient thinks is an acceptable service. It can be in terms of delivery time and delivery method, but also in terms of the price of the freight.

If your segment is particularly demanding, you will often have to pay more for your freight, as special solutions may be needed. SCM+Logistics points to an analysis that shows that free shipping and fast delivery are some of the most important points for consumers when shopping online. This gives you greater requirements as a seller, as you will often have to cover the cost of the freight yourself – and typically cannot settle for a cheaper 3-5 day delivery.

Therefore, it is important that you make sure that you negotiate as good a price as possible when you need to send a package. This can be achieved by following up prices on an ongoing basis, making sure to compare different suppliers in the market – and in many cases also by buying up larger batches of labels.

Here you will typically be able to obtain a discount by placing a larger order. It is important to stay ahead of the curve, as the analysis also says that about half of all consumers have aborted a purchase because the freight has either been too expensive or too slow